Build21 combines different areas of expertise and knowledge to bring comprehensive yet modular, scalable and affordable smart solutions for different types of buildings. Whether it's a 500 sq ft retail space or a 300 key hotel, we understand how smart building solutions should be designed and deployed to ensure its optimal performance.
We appreciate that buildings and organisations may not have the desired expertise and resources to support thier smart building transformation. By leveraging our capabilities, Build21 offers the distinct advantage of addressing the complexities with implementing smart building solutions.
Each building has its unique business activities and problems, environmental challenges, system constraints, operating processes and user requirements. Arriving at the right smart solutions for any building requires thoughtful planning and execution. Build21's building and engineering background drives us to only create solutions that make business sense and help building owners and operators achieve:
ROI and financial benefits
Improvements to building performance
Enhancements to FM operations
Avoidance of costly downtime and equipment failure
Ease of use with new smart system
Enhanced end-user experience
(visitor, tenants, employees, etc)
Automation and simplification
Avoiding multiple siloed systems
What is the right type of technology? Which data is relevant? What is the network connectivity requirement? How much will it cost? How will systems work togather? Is any upgrading required? What solutions are relevant to the building? How will investments impact bottomline?
Smart building solutions go beyond installing simple sensors and having a visualisation dashboard. Smart building technology needs to be looked at holistically, and ensuring it delivers on its promise is the real challenge. Our methodical approach identifies the appropriate combination of technology and service platform, alongside an integration plan that finds synergies and redundancies.
Build21 is an ecosystem of companies bringing togather different expertise and capabilities to offer market leading smart building solutions for the South-east Asia region. We believe that buildings can be smart regardless of size and age. and that their transformation has a big role in helping to conserve the world's resources.
Fulfilling the function of client advisory and system integrator, Aecus also leads the solutions design and architecture process, and project management. As leader of Build21, Aecus has a key role in mnaging the ecosystem and external partnerships.
Aecus Consulting is a domain knowledge expert in the built environment with extensive experience in advising facilities management service across the Asia region. Through their client-focused approach, they appreciate the challenges in helping building owners and operators find the right balance of cost, savings, productivity, performance and user experience. To date, they have advised on Smart solutions for hotel, mall, luxury elder apartment, retail store. They also support buildings in their smart building or FM tender exercise as an independent consultant. Aecus is also actively engaged with various world- leading researchers to develop and bring new technology to smart buildings, smart cities, and the health and sport sector.
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Ampotech is a connected hardware company specializing in the collection and analysis of electricity usage data from the build environment. Its products and software provide real-time visibility into power and energy consumption of spaces and equipment at a facility, while offering a simple installation process and hassle-free wireless conenctivity. The large-scale, high-resolution data Ampotech provides have been used to identify energy efficiency improvements, conduct remote asset monitoring, and obtain business insight into operational and activity patterns.
A founding member of the Build21 Group based in Singapore, Ampotech provides solutions for energy management and appliance/asset monitoring in offices, retail spaces, hotels and homes.
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Founded in 2014, Tanand Technology has deployed over 1,000 IoT sensors and devices to help businesses achieve more than 10,000 kW energy savings with improved productivity to date. Tanand’s core strength is in helping to transform legacy manufacturing processes and buildings through IoT implementation. Their open platform cloud-based Smart Manufacturing platform & BMS platform is an affordable solution that scales according to business and building needs whilst integrate-able to enhance existing legacy BMS/PLC SCADA system.
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